Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Important points for Cinematic look by Vidyadhar

Five Important points which I personally believe which are important for cinematic look are ?






LIGHTING :- The most important department which does the 50 % of the job of getting cinematic look . It's is not about getting expensive lights .It's about using available natural light effectively. we can even use candles. the best way to study lighting is study nature and see them . most of the films are shot at a particular time called "Golden hour" . which is the time before sunrise and after sunrise.

LENS :- Use prime lenses like 50mm and 35 mm with lowest aperture possible like f 1.4 and f1.8 which helps to  generate depth of field and shoot at low light.

In Stanley Kubrick's film BARRY LYNDON they shot the above scene under 3 candela which is about 45 times less bright than a 25 watt compact light bulb. . they used the Zeiss prime lenses which have some of the fastest apertures ever created. The difference between a f/1.2 lens and a f/0.7 is almost 2 full stops.

DETAIL :- If you don't have detail there's no use of even world's expensive software. the reason why we cant shoot a feature film with iphone thought it has the same resolution as canon 5d and 7d .the reason is detail , sensors and dynamic range. that's the reason why we opt for Blackmagic or RED camera's sometimes.

PROGRAMS :- Once you have the detail u can play with it in software's and develop the mood required by using software's like Davinci resolve , colorista , Magic bullet etc...,

ASPECT RATIO :- The ratio of length to width ratio should be 2 :35 :1 which is called the cinema scope effect .

The above scenes are from my short film ZERO

I hope I shared my knowledge enough : ) Have a good day .

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