Wednesday, 15 August 2012

ZERO : Making, new techniques,programs and plugins used

According to you-tube they get 1000's of short films  daily  so, to get noticed we need be special I have  dreamed of making  a short film from a couple of years but i lack guidance ,experience , knowledge,team and resources. Instead of waiting for resources to come I started making them like camera rig's, software cracks .now I'll explain specialties of my short film

1) Story ( asusual for every filmmaker his story is gr8 )
2) Micro budget vfx
3) Real footage of moon ,Jupiter, Saturn, and crab nebula shot with an astronomical telescope and canon t2i

5) Virtual sets
6) Time freeze and time slice using a single camera
7) Done with Diy camera gears ( snorricam, dolly, helmet cam )
8)  Courtesy of various Visual effects artists who permitted me to use their footage's
9) Integration of real images with set extensions and matte painting
10) home made props

 Programs and plugins :-

1) After effects ( composting )
2) Nuke ( composting matte paintings )
3) Cinema 4d ( camera mapping)
4) Maya ( 3d models )
5) Maya matchmover
6) Golaem ( crowd generation)
7) Element 3d ( 3d models, titles, composting)
8) Photoshop (matte painting )
9)Holomatrix ( holograms )
10) Primate keyer ( keying )
                                                With the help of various film making channels and websites which produce free license vfx projects and sounds and knowledge like  Video copilot, Video-hive, Indy mogul, Film riot, Bestgreenscreen , Saint man ect...,      

Written , directed, produced :- K. Vidyadhar
 Casting :- Ajay , Rakesh, Nikhil, Srinivas, Praveen, Sonank, Yeswanth
 Cinematography :- Karthik
Art direction :-  ajay ,vidya, chandu, sonank
 Sound Designer :- Prince  Anselm

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"DIY helemet mount" by Kagita vidyadhar

                              I am here to show how to make a  " DIY helmet cam " 
Items needed
 1)old helmet
2) 1/4 " screw
3) washers (three)


STEP 1 :- drill a hole on top of the helmet using electric driller

 STEP 2:- fix the 1/4" bolt with a washer beneath  the hole in the helmet. which helps to distribute the load of the camera

STEP 3:-   Fix the nut and mount the camera on your helmet and there it goes your helmet camera mount
I am sorry I cld't post the actual images because i dint shoot them the final product is like this

1) first person view shots
2) point of view shots
3) to record a cycle journey
u can shoot some stuff like in games. all the best and please apologize if there are any mistakes  and do produce some feedback

Friday, 8 June 2012

A short film on Kepler 22b by kagita Vdyadhar

 A Sci- Fi short film on Astrophysics  "ZERO"

 I  had never made any film seriously yet because i don't have the resources  now I have them and a good team  Now I am ready to do a professional short film,  I have done a trial for this short film and edited those footage's as  "ZERO " trailer  Now I am doing it finally 

                                                        Well,  Coming to the story of it's a Sci-fi  futuristic story taking place in 2094 The temperature of earth is 79  degrees because of global warming what did Indian government do to get rid of this problem  ? is the main concept I  am doing my best to present this script most convincing way I can. me and my my friends started the art direction work we are making the set's and prop's from Junk  like wood , cardboard, plastic bottles The most excitement part of the film is we are using "real footage of moon , Jupiter and Saturn " in the film so don't miss it !!!!!! stay tuned .............. :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

ZERO- a Short Film trailor by vidyadhar

This is a new short film of mine , I have announced a film called "ACYUT " due to some reasons we couldn't do that so we came up with a new theme of "quantum teleportation " and "mass cloning " It's a sci-fi ,action ,adventure film with good technical values here's the trailer for it this film is a shit which demands a lot of time for vfx we are doing our best to reach and I hope I get my first award for short films trough his film