Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"DIY helemet mount" by Kagita vidyadhar

                              I am here to show how to make a  " DIY helmet cam " 
Items needed
 1)old helmet
2) 1/4 " screw
3) washers (three)


STEP 1 :- drill a hole on top of the helmet using electric driller

 STEP 2:- fix the 1/4" bolt with a washer beneath  the hole in the helmet. which helps to distribute the load of the camera

STEP 3:-   Fix the nut and mount the camera on your helmet and there it goes your helmet camera mount
I am sorry I cld't post the actual images because i dint shoot them the final product is like this

1) first person view shots
2) point of view shots
3) to record a cycle journey
u can shoot some stuff like in games. all the best and please apologize if there are any mistakes  and do produce some feedback

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