Sunday, 13 October 2013

Production blog and Teaser Release of " ZINNIA " Short Film

The reason why some film enthusiast turn's into a " STORY TELLER " is the desire to tell his own story. I have gone a lot of metamorphosis in the past year by doing freelance works which I didn't even Imagined in my life I would do. It was a great mixture of Knowledge, Experience and humility. All these experiences can be reflected in the work of " Zinnia ". Here I am to share the first day experience and how we started from script to shoot off " Zinnia ". Before that better watch the Teaser to get Interest.

I woke up at 5 P.M, I promised my grand father that I would drop him to the station and I over slept. I felt a strange emotion of Guilt and love towards that incident with my Grand father because we rarely meet for years  .within a few hours I got a thought of how would It be If I caused the same emotion to my audience with fiction and drama. I was against dramatization of the story, but something pushed me to do it. Thus it started, I wrote the screenplay in a week by doing proper homework on all basics of story structure, 3 act 's blah blah......., I have made a previous short film which is a  science fiction . The response was mixed. It was criticized for confusing story and creepy Visual effects .at the same time praised for it . In fact it gave me a lot of opportunity's like directing a commercial .well that's another topic ( I even have  a thought of writing a book how not to make a short film  )  . I wanna get away with Epic quality and Super naturalness  of my previous films . That's the reason why I choose  this simple script and I decided not to invest any money and to just use perfectly the tools I have , It was just like an exercise of film making

                                                         I acquired enough knowledge on to make a neat film from story to Render . And stayed away from telling this idea to anybody by posts on fb and stuff because I wanna make it before publicizing it. Coming to the matter of what I have it's nothing but a computer with 2GB ram and a 512MB graphic card and skills to all Film making Departments  ( except sound mixing ) . I gotta get all the equipment by favors . It started with Camera to Lens , Gear, Lights and even skill . I take this opportunity to thank all those who funded for the films 

Canon 550d :- Rahul Raj

Canon 600d :- Sri Harsha Nagula

Canon 500d and Lens :- Sahith Chowdary

Steady Cam Rig :-  Suresh Krishna

Lights , diffusers and Reflectors :- James Wilfred

The complete 80 % of picture has low light environment  so we choose  prime lens to shoot we took to return in a single day and used it for almost 5 days ( for which I faced pretty problems ) . It was about 4  A.M and we dint get the 550d so we thought we should cancel but It was Harsha's 600d which  saved the day . The most common thing in short films is every one wanna act but they are never prepared for the hard consequences this film includes shooting from night 12 am to 3 am ( or even 5) and shooting in public places like bus, main roads and railways stations . It was all overcame by Kiran Varma and Rakesh . he was a last minute decision without any audition and stuff .I took him because I know him .well coming to my Cinematographer it's his first venture as short film  , as he is an experienced still photographer in tollywood doing for films like Yevadu , SVSC etc...., so the team was done and with good pre- production . I opted a shot division list and followed exactly it was a great method I guess .

 The shot list was a bit confusing the first day . I was confused to the order of shots, In a nutshell I Didn't follow much of the shot list ( But I learned to use it effectively from the 3'rd day ) . we were trying to get a night effect by lights and gels . that took almost 50 % of the time . and I realized what's the most hardest job of cinematography . we shot for 7 hours to get 1 and a half min  of the film . and crew slept at 6 am while I was watching dailies . I did a bit fun by shooting them in awkward sleeping modes .and after watching my dailies I slept at 11 A.M. That's the Joy of Indie film making .


Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to get ultra- slow motion video with CANON 550D by Kagita Vidyadhar

Every one has a wish to create DIY cinematic effects at home like , green screen shots, slow motion , vfx shots etc...,

so, here's how you can get a super cool slow motion video with a Canon 550d or 5D



2) Twixtor plugin

3) After effects or premier pr

4) Props ( water splash, ballon burst ......any thing else  )


1 ) Set the camera settings as
Shutter :- 1/2000
ISO -400
Aperture :- 5.6 ( keep as low as possible )
Lens :-  kit lens ( any lens can be use 50mm preferably )
 Video mode :- 720p 50fps

2) Adjust with any external lights as high shutter may use  more light.

3) record it

4) edit with the following software as suggested by VFX bro


Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Important points for Cinematic look by Vidyadhar

Five Important points which I personally believe which are important for cinematic look are ?






LIGHTING :- The most important department which does the 50 % of the job of getting cinematic look . It's is not about getting expensive lights .It's about using available natural light effectively. we can even use candles. the best way to study lighting is study nature and see them . most of the films are shot at a particular time called "Golden hour" . which is the time before sunrise and after sunrise.

LENS :- Use prime lenses like 50mm and 35 mm with lowest aperture possible like f 1.4 and f1.8 which helps to  generate depth of field and shoot at low light.

In Stanley Kubrick's film BARRY LYNDON they shot the above scene under 3 candela which is about 45 times less bright than a 25 watt compact light bulb. . they used the Zeiss prime lenses which have some of the fastest apertures ever created. The difference between a f/1.2 lens and a f/0.7 is almost 2 full stops.

DETAIL :- If you don't have detail there's no use of even world's expensive software. the reason why we cant shoot a feature film with iphone thought it has the same resolution as canon 5d and 7d .the reason is detail , sensors and dynamic range. that's the reason why we opt for Blackmagic or RED camera's sometimes.

PROGRAMS :- Once you have the detail u can play with it in software's and develop the mood required by using software's like Davinci resolve , colorista , Magic bullet etc...,

ASPECT RATIO :- The ratio of length to width ratio should be 2 :35 :1 which is called the cinema scope effect .

The above scenes are from my short film ZERO

I hope I shared my knowledge enough : ) Have a good day .

Monday, 28 January 2013

"Zero " progress and experiences and ( Zero short film poster )

I have never been so far in making " Zero " till now . It was two years of commitment. I wanna share how I started " Zero " . by the way this is our short film poster and please do support us by clicking the link and helping in publicity.

First script treatment, it was 3 pages and a 6- min expected short film. it was inspired by a physics theory of Arthur C.Clarke called  quantum teleporation and mass cloning . after several problems and finally at a script of  9 pages and expected 20-30 min . I should admit that I made this film in a hangover of Hollywood sci-fi films like Matrix, Source code, Tron (1980's ) ........and many other it was completely unconscious inspiration .

                                                       When I first started the shoot in 2011 we went  a scout for the locations as we need to new world atmosphere. which shl'd resemble earth but not earth . we did 60  % of the shoot. later it was cancelled by some other reasons. I was alone . but at some bottom of my heart said never give up  so made  a new team again . people say whatever happens is for our good . well this 2 years of my life proved it . again I started the shoot with new team , this time we did more research on technology and other stuff, and again many re shoot's happened because they weren't matching the required visual effects . finally we finished shooting and the visual effects are done ,just editing and sound is left . I wanna tell one word  " ZERO WAS MY FILM SCHOOL " . I have learned something may be which I cl'dt  even learn in a film school.