Saturday, 23 July 2011

Shooting cancels at 10th time

Some of my friends(very few) are asking why are u doing so over for just a short film.....................i hope they understand it's not just a short film it's my dream.because the story striked me in my dream 

                                              It's hard to make such movies like Acyut honestly speaking even the post production may take a lot of time but firstly i din't even completed the shoot.........but this time we came with a good plan this will work for sure, planning to work with canon 550d i am imagining that it's in my hand
                                                     "  I WILL COMPLETE ACYUT AND FULL FILL MY DREAM"

Friday, 8 July 2011

MISSAMMA COLOUR by vidyadhar

the wrong friend(orginal).avi **** the short film***by vidyadhar

Acyut Teaser

acyut teaser


Hi guys well this is a  short film which i'm gonna make it's a science fiction stereoscopic 3d short film for the first time in India It's a big team of my friends one thing i can say without my friends it's not possible to make such project  my best friend nagaraj  is gonna be a big asset he is my visual effects partner and kiran varama my dialogue writer and rohit shali my cinematographer.........
 speaking about kiran varam he spent nights to write the dialogues for the script with me
and rohit shali very talented and dedicated he is producing for his camera cost that shows the intrest..........well we have many other's who help us johnathan bond and vamshi sonu,and srinivas need a special thanks to him to brings the cast and crew and who is doing one of the lead present the pre-production work is going  hope the shooting starts soon this is the teaser of acyut