Monday, 28 January 2013

"Zero " progress and experiences and ( Zero short film poster )

I have never been so far in making " Zero " till now . It was two years of commitment. I wanna share how I started " Zero " . by the way this is our short film poster and please do support us by clicking the link and helping in publicity.

First script treatment, it was 3 pages and a 6- min expected short film. it was inspired by a physics theory of Arthur C.Clarke called  quantum teleporation and mass cloning . after several problems and finally at a script of  9 pages and expected 20-30 min . I should admit that I made this film in a hangover of Hollywood sci-fi films like Matrix, Source code, Tron (1980's ) ........and many other it was completely unconscious inspiration .

                                                       When I first started the shoot in 2011 we went  a scout for the locations as we need to new world atmosphere. which shl'd resemble earth but not earth . we did 60  % of the shoot. later it was cancelled by some other reasons. I was alone . but at some bottom of my heart said never give up  so made  a new team again . people say whatever happens is for our good . well this 2 years of my life proved it . again I started the shoot with new team , this time we did more research on technology and other stuff, and again many re shoot's happened because they weren't matching the required visual effects . finally we finished shooting and the visual effects are done ,just editing and sound is left . I wanna tell one word  " ZERO WAS MY FILM SCHOOL " . I have learned something may be which I cl'dt  even learn in a film school.

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