Sunday, 6 April 2014

Empire Awards 2014 DISS FINALS

When I was a kid every year they used to telecast " Filmfare " Awards on T.V. they used to be very glamorous ,they gave me a lot of inspiration to push my self towards film making. Everyone who watches it wish to be there but, normal thinking says " It's not possible " . It's been 20years now my life style is very simple I wake up late something like 9, rush to college, get a RTC bus , take a share auto and reach college 1 hour late . Have fun listening and questioning lectures and repeating the same adventure and reach home. Then I browse all latest film making technologies and it goes on up to unexpected time and end the day with a movie with also 1 hour studying general subjects while sleeping I write about the day in my dairy questioning will I ever be a filmmaker . But I was wrong I was already a filmmaker the burning Intention to make films make one a filmmaker . No one is a profession they always learn something even Spielberg , James Cameron , Martin Scorcee  .etc, they discover film making . so one day I began to get my film party dream come true . I participated in Empire Awards 2014 DISS and luckily got selected for the finalists . I got an Air Ticket , Driver catching a placard  with my name , 5 Star Hotel , Red Carpet and lot more which I cannot say

Meeting my Favorite directer who even judged me as a Winner and gave me my first champagne bottle .
Anupama Chopra famous film critic and Anchor whom I used to watch her on T.V and today I was at a party with her .

First Red Carpet  "walk and smile to the camera's " were the words said by my Organizer .
And then return back to Hyderabad my home . It all Ended

So what's this all . If you ask me now I call it bullshit . At the party It was all hypocritical drinks girls and blah blah.... It was  a sour grape once you eat it It' nothing . It is still attracting me because It gave me a costliest day but, frankly I didn't enjoy much  reason, they sponsored me all alone and not my team . That was most disturbing reason, I was there because of their hard work . And It's not good to make films for film festivals. Make it for the audience it doesn't coincide  with experimental films. I missed to entertain my regional audience .I am gonna do that first now .
                                        " Make films which you like not ,
                                                        what festivals like "

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  1. Today,there is no comments on this post nani,but there is one day where people searching about you in your wikipedia about watching your first feature movie. my heartfull best wishes for you dear...ALL THE BEST.